Postpartum Apron Belly: what is the best treatment?

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Postpartum apron belly refers to the excessive accumulation of fat and loose skin in the abdominal region following childbirth or a cesarean section.

This condition originates from weight fluctuations, as during pregnancy, the muscles and tissues of the abdominal region stretch to accommodate the growing fetus. After childbirth, these tissues may not fully return to their original shape.

Apron belly is primarily an aesthetic issue, but it also poses health risks. The accumulation of fat in the abdominal area increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic conditions.

In this article, we provide information on the treatments (both surgical and non-surgical) that the doctors and specialists at Living Clinic consider to be the most effective for postpartum apron belly.


Non-Invasive Treatments for Apron Belly

In many cases, as we have seen at Living Clinic, the issue of apron belly can be addressed through non-invasive treatments, such as those we will explore below.

Many women choose Coolsculpting as their preferred non-invasive treatment for reducing apron belly. However, at Living Clinic, we have observed that combining Coolsculpting with EMSCULPT NEO and EMTONE offers extraordinary results, far exceeding expectations. Let’s delve a little deeper into each of these treatments and how they can work together to provide exceptional results.



To eliminate localized fat, Coolsculpting is one of the most recommended procedures and has consistently shown the best results with fewer sessions.

Undergoing this treatment will allow you to eliminate a significant amount of accumulated fat in the abdominal region, quickly reducing the abdominal perimeter.

It is the only FDA-approved cryolipolysis treatment in the United States, making it an extremely safe and effective procedure. The complication rate for this equipment is estimated at 0.027%, which is significantly lower than more common cryolipolysis equipment.

Next, we present the case of a patient who lost a significant volume of abdominal fat with just one Coolsculpting session. See the photos with only a two-month interval:

Coolsculpting Antes e Depois com Coolsculpting em Abdómen Descaído Feminino

Check out more photos of this and other cases at Coolsculpting Before and After.


Through radiofrequency and electromagnetic waves, EMSCULPT NEO helps eliminate the remaining fat that Coolsculpting was unable to reach while simultaneously toning the muscles.

EMSCULPT NEO produces supramaximal contractions – 20,000 contractions in 30 minutes – which cannot be reproduced by ourselves and contribute to toning, reducing sagging, and simultaneously resolving moderate cases of abdominal diastasis.



EMTONE is an FDA-approved, non-invasive treatment that combines thermal and mechanical energy to target all factors contributing to cellulite.

EMTONE alone is not the most suitable treatment for reducing apron belly, but it is extremely effective in improving skin texture and elasticity after fat loss.

Therefore, for a complete treatment with excellent results, Living Clinic recommends the full package of the three non-invasive treatments, which we call the Non-Surgical Mommy Makeover Pack. Learn more at Postpartum Recovery.

Surgical Procedures for Apron Belly

There are cases where the issue of apron belly can only be fully resolved through surgeries, specifically abdominoplasty and/or liposuction.



Through abdominoplasty, it is possible to remove excess skin and abdominal fat, quickly restoring firmness in the abdominal region.

Additionally, this surgery can reposition rectus diastasis, reducing the separation of the abdominal muscles.

This procedure also allows for intervention in the umbilical area, correcting small hernias or changes in its shape.

mini abdominoplastia antes e depois

Check out more photos at Abdominoplasty Before and After.


To address the accumulation of fat in the abdominal region, liposuction is one of the preferred methods due to its effectiveness and the excellent aesthetic results it provides.

Sometimes, abdominal liposuction is combined with abdominoplasty surgery.

Learn more about this surgery on its dedicated page: Liposuction.

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To understand which surgery is most suitable for your particular case, you should schedule a consultation (form below) with the plastic surgeon at Living Clinic.

It is important to note that these procedures are not recommended in cases of obesity (for that, there is bariatric surgery) or for women who still plan to become pregnant, as the bodily changes inherent to pregnancy can compromise the results of the surgery.

It is also important to mention that these types of surgeries should not be performed immediately after childbirth. Several months are always required before it is recommended, as the abdominal muscles and tissues need time for recovery/healing.

Responsible for the treatments at Living Clinic

Surgical Treatments

Dr. Francisco Martins de Carvalho
Dr. Francisco Martins de Carvalho

Dr. Francisco Martins de Carvalho is a specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. He completed his degree in Medicine at the School of Medicine of the University of Oporto and the Internship in Specific Training in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery took place at Hospital de São José (Lisbon) and Hospital de São João (Oporto). Currently, he is also a plastic surgeon at the Hospital de São João – Oporto, and a Invited Lecturer at the School of Medicine of the University of Oporto.

In the field of cosmetic surgery, he has a special interest in facial cosmetic surgery, breast cosmetic surgery, body contouring surgery and vaginal cosmetic surgery.

Learn more.

Non-surgical Treatments

Diana Vieira
Diana Vieira

Diana Vieira holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the School of Engineering of the University of Oporto.

She has spent 15 years at the Dr. Eurico de Almeida Medical Clinics where she has performed several functions in support of medical services, as well as the coordination of aesthetic activities. In recent years she has dedicated herself exclusively to Coolsculpting receiving the Allergan Certified Specialist title and today she is probably the most experienced Portuguese professional in this area. She regularly participates in training programmes with Allergan.

She is currently patient manager and coordinator of the non-invasive procedures at Living Clinic.

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