How to lose abdominal fat in less than 2 months

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The search for the ideal physical form is a struggle that many of us go through on a daily basis. In this sense, abdominal fat is one of the most difficult elements to reduce. However, with technological evolution and the in particular the evolution of non-invasive treatments, achieving a flatter and more toned abdomen in just a few days has become a real possibility.

In this article, as experts in localized fat loss treatments, we will explore the various strategies for losing abdominal fat in a few weeks, with a special focus on non-surgical treatments such as Coolsculpting and EMSculpt NEO.

Get ready to discover how to achieve the abdomen of your dreams effectively, safely and quickly!


So, why is abdominal fat so hard to lose?

We know how resilient abdominal fat is, even after consecutive months in the gym doing hundreds of sit-ups and cardio workouts.

The accumulation of abdominal fat not only affects self-esteem, but is also associated with health risks such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Therefore, finding effective ways to lose this fat is crucial to improving both your appearance and your health.

This is an area of the body where many people tend to accumulate fat, whether due to genetic factors, a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet or other reasons.

For example, the distribution of adrenergic receptors also plays a role in abdominal fat resistance. Alpha-2 adrenergic receptors, present in greater numbers in abdominal fat cells, inhibit the breakdown of fat (lipolysis). On the other hand, beta receptors, more prominent in other areas, promote lipolysis.

Furthermore, the abdominal region has relatively less blood flow compared to other parts of the body. This results in less effective delivery of oxygen and nutrients to abdominal fat cells, slowing the rate of fat “breakdown” in that region.

Hormones also play a crucial role in regulating metabolism and fat storage. Abdominal fat is particularly sensitive to insulin, which regulates blood sugar levels. When there is excess abdominal fat, the fat cells in this area can develop insulin resistance, which leads to increased fat accumulation. This creates a self-perpetuating cycle of weight gain and difficulty losing abdominal fat.


How to reduce abdominal fat

Although abdominal fat is notoriously resilient, it’s not impossible to overcome. The effective approach involves a combination of strategies that ‘attack’ the various causes of abdominal fat resistance, including:

A healthy, balanced and frequent eating habit

A healthy diet contributes to an adequate caloric balance, which is essential for fat loss. Consuming more calories than the body burns leads to the accumulation of fat, including in the abdominal region.

Choosing nutritious foods and controlled portions helps maintain caloric balance and promote the reduction of abdominal fat.

A healthy diet is rich in essential nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and fibers. Foods rich in fibers, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, promote satiety and help control appetite, which is essential to avoid overeating and excessive calorie intake.

Additionally, opting for balanced and frequent meals helps maintain stable blood glucose levels and avoid hunger spikes, which contributes to healthier food choices and weight loss in the abdominal region.

In general, you can follow the recommendations:

  • Choose Whole Foods: Have as a priority unprocessed and whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats;
  • Control your Portions: Pay attention to portion sizes to avoid excess calories;
  • Include Proteins: Lean proteins help with feeling full, preserve muscle mass and promote fat burning;
  • Consume Fibers: Foods rich in fibers promote feeling of fullnes and help control appetite;
  • Avoid Processed Foods and Added Sugars: Reduce your consumption of processed foods, added sugars and saturated fats.

For personalized support, schedule an appointment with our nutritionist.

Regular physical exercise

The combination of aerobic and strength exercises is also very important for stimulating metabolism and promoting fat loss.

Physical exercise increases the body’s caloric expenditure. As we have seen previously, when we burn more calories than we consume, a calorie deficit occurs, which leads to fat loss, including in the abdominal region.

Exercise not only burns calories during activity, but also has a positive effect on metabolism in the long term. Regular exercise helps increase basal metabolism, which means the body burns more calories even at rest.

Reduce stress

Several studies have already shown that stress accelerates the production of cortisol. The excessive production of this hormone, in addition to slowing down the metabolism, increases appetite, especially for foods rich in sugar and fat, promoting the deposition of fat in the abdominal region. This fat is known as visceral fat, which is associated with a higher risk of metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Drink water, tea

Adequate water consumption plays a crucial role in reducing body fat and improving overall health. When the body is well hydrated, metabolism is more efficient and, consequently, energy expenditure is greater. Furthermore, water can help suppress your appetite and improve feelings of satiety.

Water also plays a key role in the health of the lymphatic system, which is involved in removing toxins and waste from the body. Good hydration helps keep the lymphatic system working properly, which is crucial for the process of eliminating fat and waste, including those stored in the abdominal region.

For those who don’t like water, tea is an excellent alternative! Especially green tea, which plays an important role in reducing abdominal fat.

Green tea is rich in bioactive compounds, with epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) being one of the most important. These compounds have demonstrated a number of health benefits, including the ability to promote fat oxidation and increase metabolism.

In addition to its direct fat-reducing properties, green tea may also aid weight loss by influencing appetite and blood sugar levels. Some studies suggest that green tea may help regulate insulin levels, which may help reduce cravings for sugary and processed foods.

Adequate sleep

Prioritizing quality sleep helps regulate hormones that affect appetite and fat storage. In a way, it is related to what we talked about previously.

When sleep is inadequate, levels of the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates appetite, tend to increase, while levels of the hormone leptin, which suppresses appetite, decrease. This can lead to an increased appetite and less healthy food choices when we go days without sleeping well.

Sleep also affects hormones that play a crucial role in metabolism and blood glucose regulation. Lack of sleep can lead to insulin resistance, which makes it difficult to burn fat effectively and can contribute to abdominal volume gain.

Sleep is a period of recovery and repair for the body. During deep sleep, the body focuses on repairing damaged tissue and building muscle. Having healthy muscles is key to maintaining an active metabolism, which is essential for fat loss. Additionally, stronger muscles can contribute to a more toned appearance in the abdominal region.

Adequate sleep is also linked to reducing stress. Chronic sleep deprivation increases levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, which, as we saw earlier, can lead to the accumulation of abdominal fat.

Non-invasive treatments

Non-invasive treatments like Coolsculpting and EMSculpt NEO really make a difference in how fast you can reduce abdominal fat. All the factors mentioned above are important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, if you want to eliminate abdominal fat in a short space of time, these treatments are probably the only ones that will allow you to achieve that goal.

Another very quick way to lose abdominal fat is surgery. However, we are talking about much more complex procedures with greater recovery times and risks. This is the case of liposuction, a surgical intervention that allows the removal of excess fat located in various areas of the body. This treatment is often combined with abdominoplasty, which involves excising excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen, along with repositioning the rectus abdominis muscles.


How does Coolsculpting work?

CoolSculpting is a cryolipolysis treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate unwanted fat cells. During the CoolSculpting session, the device is applied to the desired area with the aim of freezing fat cells without damaging the skin or surrounding tissues. In the weeks that follow, the body naturally eliminates these frozen fat cells, resulting in a visible reduction in abdominal fat during this “expulsion”. This treatment is ideal for both men and women.

“We have many male patients who seek Coolsculpting to treat areas such as the flanks and breasts.”

Discover the case of our patient who, with a sagging abdomen, managed to significantly lose abdominal fat in less than 2 months with a single Coolsculpting session:

Criolipólise com Coolsculpting
Coolsculpting Antes e Depois com Coolsculpting em Abdómen Descaído Feminino

More clinical cases in Coolsculpting Before and After.

“Patients who have undergone plastic surgery often come to us to improve some areas where the surgery result wasn't as expected . In these cases, we use Coolsculpting for the correction.”

How does EMSculpt NEO work?

Another innovative technology to eliminate abdominal fat is EMSculpt NEO. Instead of freezing fat cells, EMSculpt NEO works through a process called selective electromagnetic radiofrequency. During the treatment, high-intensity electromagnetic waves are applied to the abdominal area, intensely stimulating muscle fibres. This deep stimulation of the abdominal muscles causes extreme muscle contraction, which in turn burns fat and strengthens the muscles at the same time. Find out all the details in our blog article EMSculpt: reduce fat mass and increase muscle mass quickly.

This treatment is often employed in combination with Coolsculpting. To learn more about combining treatments, read our article Coolsculpting versus EMSculpt and learn about the clinical case of one of our patients who combined both treatments in Coolsculpting and EMSculpt NEO Before and After.

Both treatments – CoolSculpting and EMSculpt NEO – are safe, effective and non-invasive, meaning there is no need for cuts, incisions or long recovery times. The application of these innovative technologies, approved by the FDA, has resulted in truly exceptional cases of abdominal fat reduction and significantly increased toning of abdominal muscles.

Emsculpt com coolsculpting antes e depois

For more information about EMSculpt, visit the EMSculpt NEO treatment page.

Schedule a free evaluation

Schedule a free assessment to find out if you are an eligible candidate for these treatments and to get your personalized plan and quote.

“When we talk about localized fat, it is essential to understand the type of fat present (visceral or subcutaneous) so that we can draw up a personalized plan. Therefore, the patient’s presence at the evaluation consultation is essential.”


Diana Vieira
Diana Vieira

Diana has spent 15 years at the Dr. Eurico de Almeida Medical Clinics where she has performed several functions in support of medical services, as well as the coordination of aesthetic activities. In recent years she has dedicated herself exclusively to Coolsculpting receiving the Allergan Certified Specialist title and today she is probably the most experienced Portuguese professional in this area. She regularly participates in training programmes with Allergan.

She is currently patient manager and coordinator of the non-invasive procedures at Living Clinic.

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Dr. Sara Maia
Dr. Sara Maia

Dermatofunctional physiotherapist, specialist in facial and body modelling and rejuvenation, post-surgical recovery from plastic surgery and postpartum recovery.

Areas of intervention: EMSculpt NEO, Coolsculpting, EMTone, Facial, Body and Vulvovaginal Radiofrequency, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), X-Wave Optimal, among others.

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